DID YOU KNOW? 20 not so fun mozzie facts we bet you didn’t know.

by Shonagh Kelly
20 not so fun mozzie facts we bet you didn’t know

Mosquitoes are as old as dinosaurs. They have been around since the Jurassic period. That makes them about 210 million years old.

Mosquitoes have killed more humans than all the wars in history! Having been on the earth since ancient times, they are responsible for 50-60 billion deaths throughout history.

The most dangerous mosquito is the malaria transmitting Anopheles mosquito; who is responsible for killing 600,000 people and incapacitates another 200 million for days.

Want a reprieve from Mozzies? Move to Antarctica! There are over 3,500 species of mozzies worldwide. The only country without mozzies is Antarctica. 

In Australia we have 300 species and of that only 30 are blood suckers.

Only female mosquitoes bite. The female needs blood to help her eggs develop. Both male and female feed mainly on fruit and plant nectar.

Female mozzies “bite” with a long, pointed mouthpart called a proboscis which pierces the skin and locates a capillary. It then draws blood through one of two tubes

The bumps from bites are caused by saliva. While one draws blood, a second pumps in saliva containing a mild painkiller and an anti-coagulant.

Your Itchy bites are a direct result of a minor allergic reaction to mozzie saliva.

A mosquito can drink up to three times its weight in blood.

Big friendly Giants! Toxorhynchites, known as elephant mosquitoes, are largest mosquitoes found along the eastern and north coast of Australia.  They grow up to 18mm in length and 24mm wingspan- they don’t feed of our blood!!!!

Most insects only live for a year… Fortunately for us, the average mosquito lives less than two months

Want a mozzie free vacation? Visit the snowy mountains in Winter! Mozzies can hibernate in temps under 10 degrees and females who hibernate may live up to 6 months.

Mozzies are locals. They can’t fly very far or fast. Most mosquitoes can fly no more than about 1-5km, and often stay within a few hundred meters of where they hatched.

They are drawn to humans by our breath. The more carbon dioxide you breath out, the more attractive you will become.

Mozzies love a beer garden! Sorry beer drinkers… Mozzies are also attracted to beer (and bare feet).. so time to switch to wine and wear some enclosed shoes!

Mozzies have poor eyesight compared to humans.  Wearing dark clothing will make you an easier target, so rather than wearing black and blue, opt for lighter colours like yellow or white.

Full moons = more mosquitoes. Mosquito activity increases by a whopping 500% in one study.

Did you know;  you can deter both people and mozzies by eating lots of garlic to change the scent of your sweat?  If this isn’t enough, you can try rubbing vinegar or sliced onion on your skin!

Romance isn’t dead! When mozzies mate, their wing beats synchronize to the same speed which in turn creates a mating melody.


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