Step-by-Step Guide for Using Bug Bite Thing on Children over the age of 3.

Mother using Bug Bite Thing on a child's arm

Not recommended for use on children under 3 years of age. What’s worse than getting a mosquito bite? Having your child experience the same irritation. While watching over our littles, it’s heartbreaking to see their eyes well up after a mosquito bite turns itchy and they can’t stop the itch. It does not always have […]

How to Give Kids Natural Relief for Common Ailments

It’s mozzie season, but maybe not the type of “bug” you’d expect from us. If you’re a parent of school-age children, you’re probably “over” this time of year. From the flu and stomach viruses, to RSV and hand, foot and mouth disease, it’s been a revolving door of illnesses that seems to never end. Add […]

Bugs with Benefits: 6 Insects (and Other “Pests”) We Love

This time of year, some of you may be thinking, “love bites.” Here’s the good news: not all bugs do, at least! At Bug Bite Thing, we may have our moments of irritation with a few choice insects (ahem, mosquitoes, *cough cough*), but today we’re not here to hate on those six-legged pests … nor […]